Last Sunday in the morning the Police got into a nursing home in California after receiving several calls from neighbors denouncing the loud music coming from the building. The officers had to use the force after asking the aides several times to open the doors. Once inside, they certified 4 people passed out due cigarettes smeared with marijuana and speed (amphetamines).

“When we entered, we found there were about 75 elderly people with serious symptoms of having consuming narcotics. 4 of them passed out due a cardio-respiratory arrest while the rest continued getting drunk. The volume tripled the decibels allowed so we forced to intervene” said an police officer.

In total 52 grams of speed, 70 marijuana and 47 Viagra pills were seized. Supposedly all these substances would have been introduce by the organizer, who later sold them to the grandpas. The cooker and one assistant are also directly involved with the event, so they were brought to justice, accused of acting against the health care and sedating the elderly who didn’t feel like party.

It’s not the first time this nursing home has received complaints from neighbors about the parties they organize, which is why hundreds of elderly people are on waiting list to fill a vacancy in this residence, “Let death catch us dancing”.