Scarlet Hurricane, a 55-year-old woman and mother of 14 children, has gone viral by sharing a photo on her Instagram account, stating that at 55 she is in the best stage of her life. The photo has been shared by the networks as a virus helping Scarlet to reach the figure of 2 million followers on this social media. We have been able to interview Alegría, obtaining the following testimony from this new celebrity:

“I was taking a walk with my husband and he said to me, put yourself there. I’m going to take a picture of you, and as it turned out very nice, I posted it on my Instagram account, with the text“ my 14 children independent! I am in the best stage of my life! ». What I could never imagine is that in just a couple of days I had almost 2 million followers”

“I have received thousands of comments asking me how I keep myself so well at my age. I have two secrets: the first one is having sex 5 times per day, that way we do not gain weight and we always keep in shape. The second one and no less important is drinking 4 liters of beer every day, to give joy to the body and always keeps you on sex mood ”.

My husband’s name is Hamilton, even though I call him Knee Melter . We met more than 35 years ago and we make a perfect couple. As he is also a sex lover, we were fathering children every year until I had menopause. Tom, my oldest son, is going the same way as me, at 32 he already has 9 children, ”Scarlet has proudly sentenced to our reporter.