Bill Walkins lives in Orlando(Florida) and has been unemployed for 4 years due the construction crisis. Bill, now 33 year-old, has been unemployed since he was 29 because the plumbing company he worked for,, was forced to fire him before the final bankruptcy.

Because of the unstable situation, he had to return ti his parents’ house when he lost his job, and since then, he has done nothing but sitting on the sofa in his house smoking joints until a job offer knocks on his door. Bill’s family, already tired of the situation got down to work and and began sending their son’s resumes to all the plumbing companies in Orlando.

Everyone’s surprise and without deserving it, an entrepreneur became interested in Bill’s services and hired Bill to work for 3 months in a new housing project.

Finally the long awaited day approached and the young plumber asked his mother to notify him at 7:00 am to go to work. “When I went to wake him up, the room reeked of marijuana, I turned on the music, opened the windows and started shaking him and screaming but he didn’t wake up”. said Bill’s mother. “He said he was tired and kept sleeping until 5:00 pm”.

The next day Bill went to the housing project alleging that he couldn’t come to work because he was tired. Unfortunately for him and luckily for the plumbers team, the vacancy was vacated since Bill was immediately fired. “There’s no right, we can’t go without working for 4 years and start like this early in the morning, the unemployed life is very hard, I’m tired.