A group of home-brewing scientists have managed to brew a beer similar to Budweiser from fermented and macerated horse urine. They used urine from three different horse breeds; Andalusian Horse, Thoroughbred and Tennessee Walking Horse. All of them bred for 4 years to only be used to make beer and market it.

Brewing beer in this way may seem useless, just for the simple fact of being able to make it normal, but homebrewers go back to the 1750s, and say horse pee beer was already drunk at that time. “There are written documents of that beer in the eighteenth century. In fact they called it Budweispee, hence the name of the modern beer ”, explained Charles Oleguer, one of the home-brewers researchers.

“Drinking hot horse pee is nothing new, our past ones already did it,” he says. They also managed to get the identical taste of Bud, with hardly any notice that it contains equine urine.

In this way we can taste a beer without killing wheat or barley plants and it gets you drunk just the same. The finished product has 5.5 degrees of alcohol, and can be purchased in supermarkets for a price that will be around $2 per unit. Beer with horse pee is already here!!!