Last Friday a group of friends in Key West had a Bachelor party. After an exhausting Karts and paintball day, the group got ready to start the party and things got better after two of them bought LSD “to liven up the party” and put it inside the shots of some of their shy friends without anyone seeing them.

Few hours later, “when everyone was “on top of the world”, the boyfriend’s brother, Albert Hanks fell down, lost his mind and began to throw up and convulse in the middle of the dance floor. While the ambulance came, the boy started to speak weird words in Latin language in an aggressive tone and satanic messages at the same time “looked like he was possessed by the devil” said a witness.

“Eram quod es; eris qoud sum”(I was what you are;you shall be what I am) is one of the messages in Latin that the boy said. In one the videos we can see how his friends and brother hit and poured water on his face to try to wake him up but unfortunately they could not, the boy kept convulsing and with white eyes.

Albert was taken to the nearest hospital where the doctor said he had suffered a LSD overdose. Finally spent the night in the hospital where his friends and family were expecting the worst. Next day he woke up around 12 pm and started running all over the hospital screaming “Nemo patriam quia magna est amat, sed quia sua”, (nobody loves their homeland because is big, but it is theirs) something weird coming from him because he did not go to the university and always spent The time playing FIFA.

After 3 days in the hospital, Albert’s family got him a translator to communicate with him because he can not even speak English. He is stable but will remain hospitalized until the LSD is completely eliminated.

According the doctors, the LSD could have destroyed the brain’s cells in charge of memorizing the language. One of them also said they are studying how the ability to reproduce a language is possible but do not have reports yet.