Billy Glutton has sent us his testimony of how he managed to lose 40 euros in just one month. We leave you exclusively the story of this man who, tired of seeing himself every day in the mirror and always looking the same, decided to join the gym and take a step forward in his life:

“It all started because one day I was walking in the fields with my wife and suddenly a mad dog came across me, my wife and I turned around and started running, my wife, who is in shape, managed to take refuge in a cabin abandoned that was about 50 m away, on the other hand, I did not have time to get there, as soon as I went out to run I tripped and fell down”.

“The dog finally did nothing to me, but several children who were looking at that moment behind the fence of the cabin, began to laugh at me, they called me fat and stupid.”

“After the embarrassing moment suffered, I picked up my lady from the cabin and went home. Once there, I decided to take action on the matter and losing weight, so I took my laptop and Googled ‘good and cheap gyms’ and decided to sign up for one for only $40 and it was about five minutes from my house on foot ”.

“After a very hard month lying on the couch, watching Netflix after work, the only thing I managed to lose was $40”.