According to the research results, Heneiken original recipe contains up to 75% of skunk piss, and could be beneficial for the intestinal microbiota. After this exhaustive analysis, the reasons for this characteristic smell have been discovered.

To carry it out, The researchers team analyzed different batches of bottled Heineken, and they were tasted by a group of professional brewers. According to the results, Heineken uses skunk piss for its beers, and most of the times they also use the skunk spray to give that authentic smell.

“That smell. Ooooh, that smell. You know the one—musky and kinda sharp, it tickles the back of your nose and sets your head in motion looking for the source. On the street you’re looking for who’s just blazed up a jay; in the woods (or the ‘burbs) you’re on guard for one of those little black and white striped bastards. That skunk musk is a potent odor that humans are extremely sensitive to, and it’s also a funk that’s common in beer” says one of brewers.

“We don’t know where they get so many skunks to make their beers, surely they have private farms. Now is the time for the authorities to do their job and locate all the animals, “he said.

Many associations have been echo to the news , which by launching the hashtag #prayforheinekenskunks have wanted to denounce the conditions in which these mammals must live to satisfy Heineken’s demand.