“No kidding, my boyfriend has left me for another as soon as I told him that I have tested positive for coronavirus. But if I’m honest, I don’t care because it’s a lazy dick. ” Thus, with the nervous smile of someone who just received two bad news, a young student explained yesterday how she had caught it, and consequently, the breakup with her boyfriend.

The girl, recently arrived from a Covid-party, where hundreds of young people go out to party to expose themselves to the virus, knowing that they are infected to get group immunity, wanted to undergo tests after noticing symptoms such as fever, nails long, hung cunt, and suicidal thoughts. “It was coming back from the party and wanting to throw myself out the window, that’s the coronavirus for sure,” says the young woman.

As they did not want to do the tests in the hospital, she decided to link up with a doctor and get on her knees to get the test. “I seduced him with my female weapons and then he tested me. I have tested positive ”, she confesses.

Then called his partner for more than 3 years to confess that she had contracted the disease. “His answer was that he wanted to beak up, and he had already met a girl with whom to occupy the space that I leave. He said he wasn’t going to be with a girl who goes to covid-parties. ”explained the girl on her social media.