A 38-year-old woman has been hospitalized with shortness of breath after swallowing her own face mask while she tried to perform fellatio on her husband in a supermarket around 10:30 am this morning.

An Emergency Service Unit, whose medical team assisted the woman, moved to the scene and after being stabilized, she was taken to the Hospital in the advanced life support ambulance.

The rapid action of the emergency services allowed the situation to be controlled, preventing the woman from suffocating with the face mask. According to the supermarket security guard, where the events occurred, the husband was in a hurry and did not realize that his wife had not yet finished removing the mandatory face mask.

For the reason they did not wait to get home to finish the horny moment, the husband has stated that “For once my wife tells me to do something crazy like that, I did not even think about it, she put the cart before the horse and I said let’s have fun …”