Heineken has presented last Monday in Berlin, a drink with a flavor very similar to marijuana, which is brew from scratch with a unique and secret recipe. The United States of America has been key in the development of this new beer, since it has state-of-the-art technology in its breweries in Pennsylvania and Boston. The brand accorded with the authorities of the Federal Police and Customs, the use of the hundreds of kilos of marijuana seized daily from drug traffickers, in exchange for 25% of the benefits provided by this beer.

The Heineken MJ will have a RRP of $3.50, but its sale will not be allowed in Super markets, at least in U.S.A, it could only be bought and consumed in establishments with the corresponding permit, such as smoking clubs, nightclubs, or baseball fields.

Heineken MJ has already been on a trial basis in some US states, and the result has been devastating, in just 3 weeks it has tripled in sales to the second most consumed beer in the country, the all-powerful Budweiser. Its true that several young people have ended up hospitalized due to poisoning after drinking this beer, but the great benefits in taxes that it produces the coffers of the government, have managed to make the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services turn a blind eye and look to other side. In fact, they will not take long to show a supposed study that affirms the benefits of this beer in our body with the only purpose of promoting its consumption, keep us drugged and faraway from reality.

Instead, the top president defends that Heineken’s objective is to raise awareness about the benefits provided by this plant if it is consumed responsibly and in correct doses. According to CEO Richard Weissend, “Drinking a 33-centiliter bottle is equivalent to smoking approximately one and a half joint, it helps you to focus and relieve stress”. He also adds that you can feel the purest effects of THC, reaching hallucinations of all kinds and funny Persecutory delusions. Would you try it?