Last Sunday morning, the Florida City Police Department experienced how a driver who had just tripled the permitted alcohol test rate, presented an appeal alleging that “that it cannot be possible” because he had “drunk Miller lite “. “And that’s not beer,” according to his report.

The agents tested the driver up to 4 times in an interval of 60 minutes, reducing the initial 0.75 to 0.43 based on water and push-ups. According to police sources, the boy was very indignant despite admitting having drunk more than 20 bottles of Miller lite, and he demanded to the officers an authorization to undergo the blood test.

Not having the corresponding equipment nor the means to carry out the test safely, the authorization was denied by the agents, arguing that “there were already sufficient indications for a sanction for alcohol consumption behind the wheel, and to proceed with the revocation of the driver’s license for 180 days”.

The next day, and after picking up the car from the car depot, the boy presented himself at the Local Police station at 404 W Palm Dr to denounce these two agents for an unlawful and unjust sanction. For this, he presented an appeal with his lawyer showing an article he saw on Facebook in which it said that the WHO had withdrawn the title of beer from Miller lite.