The complaint of Stephen Cuckoldsson has reach our editorial board, a sterile young Swedish who, after his wife gave birth to octuplets , has decided to sue her and divorce her since his wife assured him that these eight babies were born thanks to the Lord.

One of our reporters has traveled to Stockholm to meet with Stephen who has left us the following exclusive statements:

“I’m not very Catholic, I never realized that the Lord she used to talk about was the neighbor across the street who is single and is also the European swimming champion. After connecting the dots, I understood everything. My wife spent the whole night at the neighbor’s house while I was working.

“Besides, my wife tells me to go and lock myself up in a psychiatric hospital, she assures me she has conceived 8 children thanks to the Lord and I should have more faith in him, maybe she is right, but just in case, we got divorced”, has sentenced Mr. Cuckoldsson.