“Even though in varying amounts, people who hang out and get drunk often produce antibodies against the virus. This makes young people generally have much more defenses against Covid-19. ” This is how the famous Italian virologist Robert Buitoni stands out on Twitter, the good news published by the WHO, and endorsed by thousands of scientists in different parts of the world.

Buitoni considers that alcohol is great for the body, as well as going out to party and dancing, it makes “you can’t get the virus”, or if you get it, once the virus is inside you, it won’t stay for too long due the alcoholic that you carry inside. To become stronger against a possible contagion, Buitoni bet for hard drinks such as whisky, Jägermeister, Tequila, Malibu with Pineapple or even moonshine. “It’s time to party and getting drunk. The WHO has said so, ” said Robert.

The Nature Mature magazine, one of the most prestigious in the world, explains on its website why the trending new is so relevant. “The study confirms that our immune system clearly depends on alcohol, and people who don’t drink are much more exposed to get coronavirus than those who hang out and get drunk clearly. Also what we do know , if you drink like a fish and you do it daily, you are effectively immune,” they say from the web.