The H.S.D is a new addictive and dangerous synthetic drug, but has the advantage that while the effects last, despite suffering many mental disorders, allows you to speak the language that you previously choose. The tablets are differentiated by flags of countries such as England, China, Portugal and Spain.

We have talked with a young boy from California who’s addicted to the H.S.D “besides having a good time, you can get as much girls as you want bro…this is the best drug I have ever been on”.

However he told us that the next day; you wake up dizzy, with diarrea, fever and stomachache. “but I don’t care… last weekend I got a new job after having a job interview in Spanish and had sex with a Chinese girl, all thanks to this drug”.

The H.S.D has generated alarms among the authorities due to the strong addiction it creates, but especially, this original effect that has revolutionized the world and the people’s ability to communicate. The language schools are in need of students because of the H.S.D “is easier take a pill than study for a long time to learn a new language” warns The Minister of Education.