He carried the drug wrapped in a Walmart bag inside a Hello Kitty backpack, perfect to avoid suspicions, in addition to carry a round-tipped knife and $ 220. We are talking about a small-scale drug dealer who was surprised by a Miami police officer.

The suspicions were confirmed by registering the Hello Kitty backpack, he had 150 grams of White Widow, a kind of weed created by him and known by its great potency and trippy effects.

The man said he only sells this kind of weed grown in his house by himself “to make people happy”. He also assured that hundreds of consumers need his presence to have an illusion to live by.” Without my weed those people would die, my White Widow gives wellness and is unrepeatable, I cultivate it with love and affection and without addictive chemicals or growth enhancers”.

According to the police officers, the provider used little bags of weed and left them inside of different baskets around the city, few minutes later the consumers picked them up.

This drug dealer also has several medical reports from his clients with which he wants to show to the authorities his drug has to be on the streets to keep the social balance and getting the absolute happiness in people.