Great news for hospitality professionals in our country. They will be able to obtain a Psychology Degree after 15 or more years working as a bartender in the same business.

 After an interview with Frank Forgives, the protagonist of this story, for being the first waiter to acquire a university degree in Psychology, sealed and signed at Princeton University, who very excitedly tells us his feelings.

“I think many of my colleagues in the guild should have this recognition years ago, being the first is just an anecdote”

 “I personally received late, I don’t see myself in a consultation listening to people’s problems without putting a glass of anise, a whiskey or a snack.”

“If I could have consults in the bar I would do it, but if not, I see it very difficult,” said Frank, very excited.

We don´t want to miss the opportunity to congratulate Frank for his well-deserved recognition.