The measure has been approved, which will try to avoid saturation of hospitals due to heat strokes caused by the high temperatures. People who have a pool and don’t invite their friends throughout the summer may be penalized with a fine up to $500.

Each person who has among their friends, someone with a pool at home, can demand to be invited at least five times during the summer, even though many people think “it is better swimming alone than in bad company”.

“To be in my pool surrounded by bored people throughout the summer I prefer to be alone, also saving money on cleaning and maintenance of the pool, which seems not, but good money goes into its maintenance,” admitted Frank Wet.

Penalties will range from $50 to $500, depending on how many times the friend with the swimming pool invites his friends. For a person without a swimming pool being able to demand the invitation, they must demonstrate that the friendship with the privileged was born at least 6 months ago.

Only direct invitations will be valid, being considered invalid those of the type “you don’t have to tell me, come to my swimming pool whenever you want”, the owner of the pool should call the friend and invite him one day of the week at least. He will also be in charge of buying the meat and the drink and keeping an eye on the Barbecue as long as his friend is in the pool. “There must be no lack of anything to the invited friend,” insisted one of the promoter of this new measure.