There are many discussions between devoted couples to choose which movie or series watch on Netflix, the case of Austín Electing has especially caught our attention since he has finally decided to divorce his wife and spend about $ 3,000 on an inflatable doll unable to discuss.

One of our reporters has been able to interview Austin and obtained the following testimony:

 “Our situation no longer had solution, we got divorced or we canceled our Netflix account, so after a lot of meditation we decided to divorce.”

 “A week later, I found out there were smart inflatable dolls at a good price and they could watch any movie I put on without complaining, even the baseball games, so I didn’t think it twice and went shopping for one.”

“My life has changed dramatically, I have lost about 20 kilos, I am in a better mood than ever and I can watch the complete Rocky saga every weekend,” said Austin as he hugged his new “girlfriend” in the couch.