According to a study carried out by the World Health Organization experts and published on the New York Times, they could have found the best remedy to prevent the throat cancer, may be simpler and pleasurable than you can imagine. Yes, eating vaginas could be the best prevention.

All kind of vaginas may be eaten, no matter if they are hanging or wrinkled vaginas, even that ones wich look like a cheese burguer are good and acepted to the prevention. So far there’s no study done in reverse so women will have to wait, unless they want to eat it each other to prevent a throat cancer, much more unlikely among women.

Experts spend most of their time trying to find new solutions to the problems we face in this 21st century, especially when it comes to curing terminal illnesses like throat cancer.

The hormones that the vagina makes when we carry out the famous cunnilingus are able of preparing the cells of the airways to possible future threats, in adittion to curing some diseases such as allergies or flu.

Do not think about it, whether you are healthy or not, everything will be happiness. This will also help you to control your stress, anger or mood… what are you waiting for ?