Strong commotion existed in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after it was known that a prominent gastroenterologist was suspended from employment and salary after confirming he sang the famous AC/DC song “Highway to Hell” in front of his patients before performing a colonoscopy.

Gastroenterology patients and unit protested this Monday morning in the vicinity of the Medical Center, located in Los Angeles CA, to demand the utmost respect for the patient from health professionals. The accused of singing the famous song, has acknowledged the facts after one 49-year-old patient managed to record him while shouting “Highway to Hell…I’m on the…Highway to Hell ” While opening his patient’s anus without any kind of touch.

As it has been shown, it would not be the fist time this doctor would have sung this kind of songs. For this reason the Medical Center has decided to suspend his employment and salary for 12 months until the “storm” passes.

The Medical Center Director, publicly announced the dismissal after meeting the doctor. He also apologized to all the patients who have suffered the same situation, “when a colonoscopy is going to be performed, the healthcare professional must understand this is not the time to make jokes and it’s not as fun as it seems”.