Robert Smith 24-year-old has denounced a local swingers club for unknowingly allowing him to have sex with his sister . This Club, located in Los Angeles, held a giant swingers party last Saturday, which also included a Glory Hole.

The Glory Hole is a room with placing walls where a hole is made in a thin wall or other type of partition and men can insert their penis for a sexual simulation by an anonymous person on the other side , that way people can’t see each other while they have sex and keeping their identity.

When Robert came out of the Glory Hole to smoke his after-sex cigarette, he met his little sister Rachel Smith 19 year-old. They both could’t believe it and wondered- ” what are you doing here?”. Finally after few seconds of shy laughter, they confessed having been in the orgy.

According to Robert’s story, he came to the place eager to have sex and after trying unsuccessfully during the night, he got into the Glory Hole room and bagan to put his penis in every single hole he saw. With such a bad luck that behind a wall his little sister was.

The swingers club assures they keep an internal register of visitors to avoid this kind of situation, but blame on a shift change. The director in charge alleged that the last name Smith is pretty common in visitors and argues that having sex with relatives is very pleasant and many people do it daily.

Now Robert is asking $9000 to withdraw the complaint, instead his sister doesn’t seem to have cared too much since her brother is an attractive and 22 cm man. “I had a great time” , she declared as witness.