Bars and the entire hospitality sector keeps taking action against the coronavirus, and manage in every way to ensure a good incoming. Starting this Thursday, a number of groups will have preference in the bars when it comes to reserving seating. Specifically, as reported today by the leader and spokesperson for the sector, the people who get drunk the most, and therefore spend the most money, will have preference over normal people when it comes to taking a 50% available site.

Of course, from the hospitality industry remember that whoever ensures that they will drink beer or any kind of drink until they are fed up and then do not do so, they will have to pay a fee for occupying a place of privileged character.

Therefore, they have priority to take a place even if there are people waiting from before, all alcoholics, those who want to be, and those who were going to leave but use this excuse to return.

These lovers of Whiskey, Tequila, Beer, Ron..etc, will be able to purchase a ‘Premium Consumer’ sticker in any bar to be recognized by the waiters and avoid possible confusion. The same spokesperson also announced that they have achieved, after a hard negotiation with businessmen, an agreement for the owners of the bars to offer discounts and promotional offers to this group, with the sole objective of feeding back.