It’s the case of a couple, who having sex confused the bottle of lubricating gel with the quick contact glue and ended up getting stuck like two dogs.

 After the incident, they barely could reach one of their mobile phones and call their neighbor, a 73-year-old woman named Susan, who is the only one with an extra key. Susan found the unfortunate couple glued and bare-assed with little room for movement.

After taking several selfies with the inseparable couple, she called the emergency services that as soon as they entered the room they began to laugh out loud.

 Their laughter spread to the emergency entrance, where everyone present began to laugh and point to the lovers, while they were trying to cover their faces with the first thing they caught by hand. A few hours later, the lovers were separated without further complications than the doctor, taking air every five minutes, to avoid losing concentration due to the laughter he tried to contain.