The Health Department has advised having sex through walls with holes to prevent possible infections of Covid-19. Especially if either of the two members of the couple have fever symptoms, shortness of breath, decreased smell and taste, chills, sore throat and headache, general weakness, diarrhea or vomiting.

“It is very important that after intercourse, if the individual is a smoker, he should smokes on the other side of the wall and with the window wide open,” said one of the experts team in a press briefing where he explained this new measure to prevent the Coronavirus pandemic.

And, although for now the presence of the virus has not been detected in vaginal fluids, it has been verified that it is present in saliva and hands. For this reason, The Health Department has assured the population that “the safest sexual partner against Covid-19 is the one who is willing to have sex with you through a hole in the wall.”

“After the period of quarantine due to the Covid-19, it is foreseeable that people have begun to resume social encounters and have been able to contract the virus even if it is asymptomatic. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the risk posed by exposure with direct interpersonal contact”, the Health expert pointed out.

Likewise, They have recalled that it does not suggest that couples stop having sexual relations, but quite the opposite. “You have to make love every day and every hour if you can, but paying attention to health advises”.