The dildo Company “Forthe Ass Co” has exponentially expanded its brand during quarantine and, given the number of questions users send about the toys they sell, several men are looking to try these items for a salary of $3000 per month. The Company have placed an advertisement on their website, where you can submit your application for the job. “Only men,” they recall.

They offer a dildo tester position between 8 and 14 cm, another for medium-sized dildos, between 14 and 20 cm, and more than 100 vacancies for large ones, which exceed 20 cm and sometimes reach 32 cm. The candidates do not have to be experts, “although if they have experience it’s better”, says Tom, the chief spokesman for Forthe Ass Co

The salary is $36.000 per year, and the hours will be flexible, with teleworking days available. The job offer has gone viral on social networks, and thousands of men have already applied.

“Can I get $3.000 per month for something I do every day since I was a kid? what a amazing job !! ”Commented an internet user. “We want to have in our ranks the best and most vicious men. We need to test our dildos before putting them on the market, but they do not count on me, I am the spokesperson hahaha, “concluded Tom.