A man has inadvertently become the first one on falling into the famous scam of a micro pubic hair graft company in Turkey. This company, located in Istanbul, has been investigated by Interpol for several months after hundreds of British, German, and Portuguese tourists reported that they had been deceived with a succulent offer of 7 days in Istanbul all-inclusive, and 3 micro sessions hair graft as a gift, which would end up being pubic hair.

What the clients did not know was that the hair they were going to receive on their rooftops was going to be from the genital area of ​​any chubby Turkish. Dark-haired, short, but curly, “with a rough texture and unpleasant for most humans,” explained one of those affected in 2019 in his video blog. All of them realized the scam already in their respective cities. In fact, just 30 days ago, a Helpline was provided to those affected to speed up the process of their complaints against the company and join another collective complaint.

But this has not been the case of Johnny Cue Ball, who claims to be “very happy” with his pubic hair. “Now at least people look at me and laugh. Lots of them stop me on the street to ask for a selfie. I’m in a cloud”. In addition, Cue Ball affirms that the $3,500 invested “have been the best spent” in his life.

“I would like to meet in person the man who had these hairs stuck to his balls, I imagine him tall, handsome and pretty dark.” Johnny has already publicly said that he is not going to sue the company that has “brought him back to life”, in fact he encourages all the self-conscious to graft pubic hair on their heads.