The congress approved this morning in the United States Capitol the new law that will allow all those who are repeatedly unfaithful to their partners to be accused. Mark Johnson warns of the promiscuity of the Americans and the danger that this represents for our race, “Pure American is being lost, no man can guarantee today that their children are theirs”

He is also aware of the impact this will have in our lives, which is why he ensures that the legal change will be modified in a gradual and moderate way. “At the moment, the infraction will be punished only with financial fines”, but he assures that they intend that next year people who are repeatedly unfaithful may go up to 6 months in prison, or even 18 months if the lover is uglier than their partner.

So if you were thinking about cheating for the first time, or continuing to do it like the last years of your sad and conformist life, you will have to be extremely careful, since the government will have free spies available for those who present hard evidence as WhatsApp conversations, Snapchat captures or excessive likes of a third person in the profile of your partner.