Last Friday, Great American Beer Festival was held in Denver, where the best beer tasters in the world gathered at a historic event to assess the quality of the beers.

The “members only” session, which is only offered to Brewers Association (BA) members as well as special guests such as participating breweries and VIP, lasted about 3 hours and the judges were able to savor the products of different brands such as Corona Extra, Michelob Ultra, Budweiser and Miller lite.

Everything was going well, journalist immortalizing the moment, different artists and the best caviar, but things went wrong when judges tasted the Budweiser product. Several tasters threw up and the bad smell forced all 175 people to leave the room.

The professional tasters didn’t doubt, it was Budweiser product, so they considered awarding it the Worst American Beer. Minutes later 12 tasters judges joined to the event while the others 3 were taken to the emergency room. “It was a hard time, I thought I was going to pass out after drinking a gulp of Budweiser”, said one of the tasters. Finally the Best Beer award was given to Miller lite.