Since dawn, police officers guard the brothel “Black Forest” in Valencia (Spain) after being quarantined due one of its girls tasted positive for the coronavirus.

The sex worker’s positive has also forced to quarantine the 86 clients who were inside the place at that time. This girl, now in the hospital, had sex with lots of them during the night.

According to police sources, the owners, security, cleaning workers, waiters, girls and clients, total 119 people are confined. The authorities fear that the clients’s woman may meet in front of the place to ask for explanations.

All of them have been quarantined as a precaution , even thought none shows symptoms of having contracted the virus. However, for the next 14 days, a normal life has been recommended and was asked them to remain calm. Police officers introduced 120 face masks with a drone to be used when they feel like having sex.