The news about Joseph Hicks have become Trending on Twitter after his friends took revenge on him shortly after losing a bet. According to several users, alleged friends of Joseph, last Saturday they bet $100 that he did not flirt with any girl all night. A bet that he apparently accepted, and that he tried to win at all costs by entering a brothel . Now he claims from his friends the $100 that he spent on 60 minutes of service, plus $500, 100 for each colleague.

His group of friends has detailed the whole story in a Twitter thread, and they were commenting on it minute by minute throughout the night as if it were a soccer match. –“be aware!! Joseph enters the Gold Room with bare chest, asks the phone number to one of the girls and she turns her face”, “We left the Gold and a group of drunks girls approached us, we all looked handsome except Joseph”, “it’s 5 AM and Joseph still has no connection. Now he is talking to the waitress, she is 50 year-old, he’s 22”.

It was time to go home to rest but Joseph did not accept his defeat. “He refuses to lose and still hopes winning the bet, we give him a few minutes of extra time to see if at least the ugly Peggy showed up,” they wrote at 06:12 AM. The next post in the thread is a photograph of him entering a brothel where you can see him looking at the camera with a victory smile. Finally the post ends up saying; “Well, the bastard is going to have sex. Have we lost or won the bet? That is not flirting ”, they questioned the rest of the users.

The Internet users were unanimous, “you owe $100 each to Joseph Hicks”, “people like that,, in my team always”, “flirting is flirting, it doesn’t matter if it’s paying”, and endless comments. So far, He has not wanted to explain what happened on his social networks, but from the family environment they assure that he will claim every penny of the bet. “There were 6 more friends with him, a total of $600, which is no small feat. I hope they give it to him because he has earned it ”, said his cousin. Finally, one of his Friends has explained that he will give him the money because apparently before going home he threatened to break his legs if they did not fulfill their promise.