The curious case of David Raw, who can be the limit between what is a face and what is a bald man, has arrived at our newsroom. He has decided to tattoo himself a line on the forehead to establish the limits when he washes his face.

One of our reporters has come to David’s house to get more information about this new fashion, it is becoming increasingly popular among people with alopecia problems, obtaining the following testimony from Mr Raw:

“I had not known for years how far I had to wash my face, so I decided to tattoo a line on my forehead in order to know how far I have to scrub with soap and from where I should use shampoo when I shower”.

“It was recommended to me by a friend who’s bald as me and the truth is that I am pretty happy, I have created a hashtag on Twitter #Baldbutclean in order to help all people who are in these same circumstances,” said David.