A 50-year-old woman has been arrested as an alleged perpetrator of a crime of continued intoxication on her husband for 25 years, during which time she put a laxative daily in her husband’s beer to make him believe he was allergic.

According to the Police department, her husband reported having been the victim of strong diarrheas since he married his wife. The complainant realized after his wife became ill with low back pain and was unable to move out of bed for a week, during which time he was serving himself the beer from the fridge and detected that it tasted different and did not cause any side effects.

The alleged author took advantage of the trust she had with her husband to serve her warm beer and several tablespoons of laxative, explains one of the agents.

The victim was never suspicious, since at all times he thought that the beer was drunk warm and it produced diarrheas, even so he never stopped drinking it during all those years, clarified the Police officer.

The Police Department has announced that as a prevention measure the only thing that can be done to prevent cases like this is to serve yourself the beer and if for any reason you get diarrhea, immediately go to the nearest Police Department to report your partner.