NASA has sent Justin Valid, an American astronaut, to the moon this weekend. According to official sources, he is considered one of the people with most problems in the world.

In an interview through a video conference Justin, the unhappy astronaut, has made the following statements:

“You don’t know how many problems do I have, to begin with my MLB baseball team is The Baltimore Orioles every time they play what a displeasure I got”

“I have seven daughters and my mother-in-law has lived with us for more than ten years, my daughters love reggaeton music and they listen to that devil’s music out loud all day long in our rental apartment of 70 square meters”.

“The only bar in my neighborhood has Muslim owners and they don’t serve any kind of alcoholic drinks. We also have two dogs and three cats, who shit and piss all over the house constantly, since doing it on the street seems to be a vulgarity for them.”

“As soon as the director of NASA met me, he told me that he had never met a person with more problems than me and that I was undoubtedly the chosen one to travel to the Moon so that my problems would have less gravity.”