The big beauty brands are constantly reinventing their lipsticks, either to remove shine, make them better for the skin, or to satisfy your dick desires in hard times. In this case “Lipsdick” has been just released by the french cosmetic laboratory, Musherrer.

These curious lipsticks were recently showed up by their creator, Giselle Lenoir, at a cosmetic fair for the new season, who confessed, during the presentation, that she had the idea during last winter when had spent 2 years without sex.

“It’s the best way to remember that characteristic dick smell and taste when we haven’t had sex for a long time. Now with the Lipsdick our clients can feel on their lips the taste of a standard penis, and smell that perfume which remained in our lips after those afternoons of endless blowjobs”

In addition, Lenoir explained that her product is perfect to ward off creepy boys in the clubs and after using the lipsdick, the penis smell will be detectable within a radius of 2 m during the next 6 hrs.

This product can only be found on Amazon, for $18, where has become very popular by this advertising slogan, “let your smile remain”.