After 25 years of marriage and some months talking about the adventure, Kathy agreed to go to an exchange of couples with her husband Richard, thinking that the exchange would be forever. We have interview Kathy to find out first-hand how the story ended, These were her words.

“I was up to the point that my husband offered me new games or sexual experiences. The last thing he proposed to me was to go to this place to exchange couples and I accepted. ”

“I had a great time, there I met Tom and his wife Wanda, a fun and liberal marriage. I was surprised when, after a night of unbridled sex, I realized that I had to come back home with my husband again. I thought the exchange was forever and I was going to get rid of him once and for all . ”

“I was pretty upset but since that wonderful night I kept meeting Tom in secret. My husband does not want to see Wanda again, he demanded too much from her. I have proposed to him to return but he does not want to, he did not like to see me enjoy it that way ”.