Yesterday afternoon a strange event occurred in the subway train Crosstown line (Brooklyn-Queens) in New York. According to Police sources, around 4:15 pm, passengers on the route began to ask for an auxiliary and press the emergency buttons due to a strong rotten odor of unknown origin.

The subway train security guards went to the car where the screams came from and found several people passed out and others throwing up and covering their airways with their own clothing, “we had never perceived such a foul smell” said a subway worker who had been covering the same route since its inauguration. “When I get to the #2 car I realized the problem and quickly ordered to stop the train to evict passengers.

There were many people making a big effort to breathe except for a young woman who surprisingly showed no signs of discomfort. The emergency services took 17 people to the nearby hospital, all of them with serious injuries to the respiratory tract and dizziness like a moonshine binge.

After an investigation by the Police Department, it was concluded the unpleasant smell was caused by a fart. “The only woman who was perfectly well, came to the police station yesterday night with a feeling of guilt. She confessed the disgusting odor came out from her stomach and assured she had been drinking chamomile for 7 days”, said an agent.

Anna, the 24 year-old young woman, voluntarily went to the emergency department to check her health and undergo the pertinent studies. Once there, she returned to expel another chain of disgusting smells, causing the fainting of 4 nursing assistants and the death of an old man who was in the next building, so they decided to quarantine her until she eliminates all toxins or drown in her own shit. So far, she is stable and doesn’t fear for her life, even though she must be careful.