The Miami Police Department have arrested a nun at the Miami bus station after finding 3 kilos of hashish inside her vagina. The event occurred last Friday around 12 noon, as reflected by Miami Herald newspaper.

The agents were alerted due to the strong smell of cannabis given off by the nun at the security checkpoint. Finding nothing in the first search, they asked for the canine unit’s help. The German shepherd gave the alarm and the woman was taken to the X-ray room, once there the agents discovered what they feared the most, almost 3 kilos of hashish, two lighters and an OCB rolling papers box.

Sister Jane Wheeler (63 years old), had inserted 300 10-gram packs into her uterus, thus achieving the world record held by a woman from Mexico, who was caught last year with 2 and a half kilos on the same part of the body.

According to police investigations, the nun is part of an organized criminal gang, which the police have been chasing for months without success. It’s suspected that several archbishops and priests in the country are running the entire distribution network from their churches, using innocent nuns as mules to transport hashish.