The 90-year-old recently came out as gay to friends and family after pretending to be straight for the better part of a century. It’s a decision he came to as he began working on an autobiography during quarantine, prompting memories and emotions to resurface from his past. Now he says “I’m free, I’m out and I feel able to find a young and wealthy boyfriend”.

“For a long time, the truth was buried deep down in my soul and I adopted a straight persona because I did not think I had another choice. I would’ve had to contend with all the scorn from society, be labeled a pervert or deviant. But people are much more accepting today and I felt I had to find the courage.” Since quarantine started, he decided to register on Tinder, Badoo, Meetic, Happn, Instagram and various dating websites looking for a young, handsome and wealthy man.

“I have lived a full life, I have 13 children from 6 different women, 37 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren, but I have never done what I really liked. The society in which I lived did not allow it or perhaps I did not dare to tell my secret to my family, “he said.

After his exhaustive search on internet, he has found many men but at the moment he has not found the feeling . “I need the men who want to know me more in depth to be young and wealthy, at the moment the only ones who show any interest are elderly people older than me,” wrote on Facebook.

According to one of his granddaughters, on his youth he had all women crazy about him. “I think he can still have so much love to give if he finds the type of boyfriend he’s looking for”.