Last night, several clients and a group of participants in a bachelor party in Las Vegas raised the alarm for a possible involuntary intoxication of Poppers. Everything happened after 02:00 in the morning, while several party meetings were held in a nightclub in the city. Several people were seriously affected and freaked out when they smelled Poppers after a young man smashed a bottle of this chemical drug on the ground.

Apparently, the bottle that exploded against the ground, intoxicated 62 people, specifically 41 men and 21 women who were there having a great time. According to witnesses, a few seconds after the “character”, still unknown, smashed the bottle against the ground, it began to smell very strongly throughout the room. “A few seconds later we were all wasted. I precisely saw the boy who smashed it, he was pretty upset speaking the truth. And after a while we were all laughing for no reason,” explained a client.

After the incident, up to 62 people had to be attended by the health personnel who approached the nightclub, and there were many others who did not feel bad. “Well, I liked bro. I´ve ever got wasted like that in my life, I had never tried it because they say is for gays, but the truth is that it was cool dude”, wrote another witness on his social media.

Finally, everybody recovered from getting wasted, except for 3 girls who had to be admitted to the Centennial Hills hospital. There they were admitted to carry out the pertinent tests and remain under observation from 12 to 24 hours. The authorities are currently investigating who could be the boy who caused it all, and possible culprits or accomplices who could give information.