A study carried out by the Harvard University has revealed that having sexual relations 5 minutes a day allows you to lose weight more efficiently than doing an hour of indoor cycling or spinning.

In an interview to Deborah Painful Anus, senior researcher at the University and responsible of this study, has made the following statements:

“I had been taking spinning classes for more than five years without losing a single pound, when the endless 1-hour class was over, I get home and raid the fridge, so the class was absolutely useless to me.”

“Also before sleeping every night I had to put an ointment on my butt because of the uncomfortable saddle of the stationary bicycle.”

“One day I found a boyfriend and began to set the spinning classes apart and replace them with good sex, in less than a month I managed to lose more than 20 pounds, only having sex for 5 minutes daily.”

“Now the $40 a month that the gym cost me plus the $20 that I spent on ointment per month I save them and at the end of the year my boyfriend and I go on a cruise through the Greek Islands,” said Deborah with a smile in her face.