In California was reported a resurgence of cases after a birthday party on a private farm as a result of 32 of the attendees taking MDMA from the same bag. “Apparently, and as it has reached my ears, (in town everything is known), there were 54 people at the party and only a bag with 5 grams of MDMA. 32 of them were taking and they were infected with coronavirus, who was asymptomatic ”.

The mayor regretted not being able to be at the party, because he says he loves MDMA, “as everyone else hehe,” he laughs. “Also I do not like leaving people in my town lying around and the barcode manager must catch the crew. However, nothing can be done anymore and I hope they improve ”, he concluded.

The news became known after two of the attendees went to the district hospital a week later to be treated for mild symptoms of coronavirus. There they explained to the doctors they took MDMA from the same bag 8 days before and they believed that the contagion could have occurred there.

The trackers then began their work, locating the 52 attendees. After the corresponding tests, they have learned that 32 of them have been infected. The director of the Hospital took advantage of the event to emphasize the importance of not sharing a bag or taking on other fingers impregnated with MDMA. “The best thing is that each one take their half gram and throw it into the drinks. It is much more effective, “he told the media. At the moment the infected are in quarantine in their respective homes, and until they give 2 consecutive negatives they will not be able to go outside.