Today the first sentence that condemns a citizen with a private pool for having it only for him all over summer period has been released.

Scoot Fisher will have to spend three long years in prison to return to society, being more generous with his neighbors in Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

“Here in summer to fry eggs we go out to the street and we cook them on the sidewalk , imagine the deep sadness of knowing Scoot Fisher has a pool with its chlorine and everything but closed. He has never invite me and my family”. Rosie Hoke, one of the neighbors who filed the complaint, affirms.

“Now the judge has given us the right and I have already thrown away the partition of my room that leads to his house and I have designed a corridor directly to his garden …” “but the happiness is not yet complete” she tells us in a low voice, “We have asked him for the keys of the basement where he has the mats and the beach chairs, we want to enjoy while he’s going to be in jail. We can’t stand this heat” said Rosie with a happy smile.