Miami Beach Police Department arrested 27 young people this afternoon on South Pointer Park Pier beach after having a big party with a cocaine package that supposedly they had found. The officers arrived to the place around 5:00 pm but according to testimonies the young people had started the party around 12:00 pm.

The 27 are charged by the police for 20kg package cocaine until proven otherwise. One of the arrested said to the police officers he was the first who saw the package cocaine and after going to the beach and check it, quickly called all his friends to make an improvised RAVE. “We knew the package did not belong to us but there it was, and did not seem to have an owner. We only wanted to have fun”.

“Their mistake was sitting down next to the package instead calling the police” said a lawyer”. Although according to their testimonies none of them are drug dealers and keep on saying they just went to spend a good day on the beach and found the package over there.