19 young people celebrating a birthday on the high seas are isolated in quarantine 15 miles away after detecting a possible positive for Coronavirus. The party began last Saturday and they planned to return only 3 hours later. The course of the celebration changed completely when one of the young people received a call from his health center informing him that he had tested positive 24 hours before.

The Port Authority has confirmed the situation of a Catamaran whose name has not been provided is in perfect condition anchored in the high seas. As indicated by the public administration, the 19 young people and 2 crew members will have to stay 14 days of mandatory holidays while waiting for new results.

In the port itself, hundreds of people have gathered to see the boat, some do it with envy. Telescopes, binoculars, or cardboard of butt paper serve the curious to observe the young people, who do not seem to care about the situation.

All the attendants and the crew remain asymptomatic and on board, under the control of a security service assumed by the Port Authority, to guarantee that they remain on board the boat will deliver supplies of alcohol and drugs every day, In addition to several pen drives with electronic music. “They inform us that they have been listening to the same playlist and it only lasts 120 minutes. Our duty is that these 14 days do not lack anything “, said the spokesman.