The Police Department has seized 16 marijuana plants in a roundabout this afternoon in the city. As confirmed by several agents, a street sweeper denounced the presence of these plants alerted by the strong smell they gave off.

The people in charge of the operation are investigating to find the culprit and owner of the crop, but they don’t discard the hypothesis that its growth has occurred in a fortuitous manner. “May be someone threw seeds out of the window and the nature did the rest” said an agent.

The strange case wasn’t reported until there were hardly any buds left, curiously, people of the neighborhood didn’t report what had happened and everything seems to indicate that they have been self-sufficient for the last few weeks.

In total, the Police has only been able to recover 105 grams among 16 plants,when this type of bush usually generates to 500 grams of buds. “They have smoked everything at my sight, not even a puff have gotten to me, but I have to say that in 70 years, I have never seen the people of this neighborhood so happy” said a old man from the area.