The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) dismantled a marijuana plantation into a Convent outskirt of the city. Agents seized 130 cannabis sativa plants, several high powered bulbs, 7 blank pistols, 12 ninja stars and hundreds of flavored condoms.

Members of the meritorious, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police Department, went to the Convent to seize the drug and arrest the 3 catholic sisters.

The nuns were caught red-handed in the living room while smoking a huge blunt and watching “How High”. Neither resisted the authorities and even one offered marijuana cookies to an agent.

The detainees are well known as hated in the city, one of them had a criminal record for masturbating in public 10 years ago. The locals confess that the Catholic Sisters have no dealing with any person. “They go all day smoking with bloody eyes, never greet and they are rude but to be honest, we don’t care about the smell” says a neighbor.

Court number 4 is already studying the case, but at the moment, the nuns are still starving in the dungeon and going blind until the quick trial is held. The prosecution requests for them an immediate divorce until the total detoxification. The Sisters argued in their defense that the 130 plant were for their own consumption.